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Java-Download - Eclipse Plug-In Method Wizard


Plug-In for Eclipse 2.0/ WSAD 5.0
(85 KB)
Updated on 2/27/04


Plug-In for Eclipse 2.1/ WSAD 5.1
(82 KB)
Updated on 2/27/04


Plug-In for Eclipse 3.0
(75 KB)
Updated on 2/27/04


This extension for Eclipse and IBM WebSphere Studio contains a wizard to create new methods in a class through a guided dialog. You can select from predefined method types, the parameters and exceptions. The frontend is inspired by the wizard in VisualAge which was no longer provided in Eclipse/WSAD by IBM.
New in version 1.1.0 are the generation of necessary import statements as well as the optional feature to automatically assign the methods parameters to fields in the class with the same name.






For Developers




The wizard is provided in three variants: for Eclipse 2.0.x/WSAD 5.0.x, for Eclipse 2.1.x/WSAD 5.1.x and for Eclipse 3.0. There is no functional difference between the three; the ones for newer Eclipse versions do not need some workarounds and are using the advanced menu integration possibilities of Eclipse 2.1 and upper.

An easy integration is provided by the update manager (Menu Help | Software-Updates | Updatate Manager).
Select "New Site Bookmark" in the Feature Update View, provide any name and http://www.hawlitzek-consulting.de/pub/downloads/eclipse/ as URL for the bookmark.
Select the suitable feature de.hawlitzek.eclipse.jdt.extensions inside the site (bookmark) and click on "Install". Later upgrades can be done easily using this bookmark.

As an alternative you can install the suitable plugin manually after downloading
here (for Eclipse 3.0, for Eclipse 2.1, for Eclipse 2.0).




Open the class for which you want to create a new method an select "Source (ext.) | New method..." in the context menu of the editor.

For a more comfortable usage you can active the extended menu support via "Customize Perspective" be selecting "File New | Method" and "Other | Java Method Creation". Now you can also access the wizard in the pacakge explorer, the toolbar and the New menu. The class you want to extend does not have the be opened in the editor in this case but only selected.


For Developers


This tool is freeware and Open Source. You can use or modify it as you want. We would be pleased
if you send your improvements back to java@hawlitzek-consulting.de
The Package de.hawlitzek.eclipse.jdt.methodwizard contains the wizard classes, other packages
contain workarounds for bugs in Eclipse.


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